• PWC Slips | $89/month
  • 30' Wet Slips (30 x 12) | $615/month
  • 30' Daily Slips (30 x 12) | call for pricing
  • 40' Wet Slips (40 x 15) | $715/month
  • Secure Trailer Storage | $35/month

3071 Park Road 36, Graford, TX 76449

  • Located on the peninsula adjacent to the new Juniper Ridge community
  • 5- to 10-minute boat ride to Hell’s Gate, The Cliffs
    and area restaurants accessible by water


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

When will the Juniper Ridge Marina (JRM) be completed and ready for vessel owner access to the slips?

April 2023

Will the slips be available to the public for lease or be exclusive to the residences of the Juniper Ridge development?

Until the Juniper Ridge development is fully built out and demand from residents exceeds the number of slips in the marina, slips will be available to the general public. We expect that will be the case for several years.

What are the terms of your leases?

Leases are for 12 months. However, during the first year, we will start leases at completion or move-in and they will expire each year on March 31.

Are the slips annual contracts?


Will you have any courtesy slips.

We have 5 uncovered day slips which will be available for short term use/rentals.

What are the sizes of your slips?

We only have 30’x12’ and 40’x15’ slips available at our marina. Boats with overall lengths beyond the length of the slips will not be permitted.

What are the rates?

Visit our reserve online section of our website for current boat slip availability.

• PWC Slips | $89/month
• 30' Wet Slips (30 x 12) | $615/month
• 30' Daily Slips (30 x 12) | call for pricing
• 40' Wet Slips (40 x 15) | $715/month
• Secure Trailer Storage | $35/month

What utilities are available?

Each slip will have access to water and electricity. No sewer or dump station will be present at Juniper Ridge Marina. There are no additional fees for utilities.

Will you provide security services?

JRM will have security for the overall project. Juniper Ridge Marina will have access control gates and security cameras on the marina.

Do you offer boat trailer storage?

Yes, we offer secure trailer storage at one of our local Dry Dock facilities. Contact Ralph Ramsey for pricing and more information:

Ralph Ramsey
(214) 908-8852

Can I select the location of my slip within the marina?

You can select the available slips on our automated leasing website.

Will Juniper Ridge Marina offer boat lifts?

See Boat Lift Section below.

Will there be PWC (jet ski) lifts available?

Yes, the marina will have brand new PWC lifts available for purchase.

Can I have PWC lifts in my boat slip?

If there is room for a boat lift and a PWC lift(s) to be installed in a 40’ slip, JRM will allow Vessel owners to install approved PWC lifts in their boat slip.

Can I add other improvements to my slip?

The only improvements allowed are approved boat and PWC lifts and deck boxes. Deck boxes must be purchased through and installed by our marina staff. No lighting, speakers or other items can be affixed to the marina.

Will there be parking for vessel owners and guests?

Yes, there is a gravel parking lot near Park Road 36 that is to be used by vessel owners and guests of Juniper Ridge Marina. The parking area directly next to the community pool and marina gangway is for golf carts and bicycles only. There is one loading zone space for vehicle drop off for handicap guests or coolers, etc.

Will the marina have a general store?

No, there will be no ship store at this marina.

Will there be ice available for sale at the marina?

We are in the process of evaluating options for ice vending.

Will the slip Vessel Owner, if not residents or approved guests of the Juniper Ridge housing development, have access to the amenity center/pool?

No, the pool/amenity center is part of the community HOA only.

Will I be able to lodge overnight at my slip?

Overnight use is not permitted.

Are others allowed to use my lift or slip?

No subleasing of slips will be allowed without the written consent of management. Short term use by guests may be permitted if the owner of the home in Juniper Ridge is short-term leasing their home and allows guests the use of their slip. However, the vessel owner will ultimately be responsible for any damage caused by their guests.

Will there be gas available for purchase at the marina?

There will be no gas pumps at Juniper Ridge Marina.

Will you offer services for owners at the marina?

The marina itself will be cleaned periodically, but services for boats such as cleaning, winterizing, etc. will be the responsibility of each vessel owner. Vendors providing such services on the slips at Juniper Ridge Marina must be approved by the management of the marina and provide certificates of insurance.

Boat Lifts

We have two preferred vendors who can provide and install boat lifts:

Will you provide boat lifts for the slips?

We will allow the professional installation of newer model boat lifts by Duratek Boat Lifts. Duratek (www.durateklifts.com ) is the preferred lift manufacturer of Juniper Ridge Marina.

Will the boat lifts be purchased or leased?

Our authorized distributor/installer will offer options for sales, leasing or installation of the lifts they provide.

What are the pricing options?

Please contact one of our vendors directly for pricing options on boat lifts. Pricing varies depending on size and weight, capacity, and other features. Pricing for these lifts is very comparable and competitive to leading brands in the market.

  • Tucker Henderson
  • 214-232-0271
  • tucker@texasboardsports.com
  • Skinny's HydroHoist
  • 940-468-9015
  • skinny@pklifts.com

Can I place a lift I already own in your marina?

If management approves the brand (such as HydroHoist) and condition of the unit, we will allow the use of previously owned lifts if installed by our approved vendors.

What happens to the lift if I move out of Juniper Ridge Marina?

The lift will need to be professionally removed by an approved vendor of JRM management. JRM may choose to purchase lift from Vessel owner upon move out but will not be required. Management will also try to facilitate the sale of lifts to future vessel owners if Vessel owner would like to leave the lift to be sold.

What if my lift needs maintenance or repairs?

The providers of approved lifts will be required to provide service, or you must use an approved vendor of Juniper Ridge Marina for service.

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